Saturday observations:

The corn fields are amazing.

I cannot remember when the corn was this high in mid July.

And guess what?  The corn and I couldn’t get much higher.

If Ed Sullivan was still alive, he would ban me forever, from his show.

Early Saturday morning shopping can be amazing.

I ran into a father and son, who were watching the live lobsters swim around in the tank.

What an adorable scene: Father and son, having a blast in the grocery store.

When I was ready to check out, there they were, right behind me.

I couldn’t resist:  ‘Hey guys, do you like shrimp and clams?”

Of course they do.

“Do you like pina coladas? Getting caught in the rain?”

The two of them are meeting me tonight, at midnight, in the dunes of the cape.

It was a silly Saturday.

I had to make a stop to see my gal Kelly at the bar, for my daily shot of vitamin C.

She said, “My my, hey, hey, you are really early today.”

And then, in a twinklng of an eye, something caught my attention.

Oh My! It’s a girl, my lord in a flat bed Ford…… Ooops wrong song.

A very fat bulldog walked by the window.

Oh no!  It’s Winston Churchill, on a haunt.

He waddled by, reminiscent of a bloated pug or an emaciated pig, looking for a leg on which to chomp.

Notice the correct English?

Barf Barf.

I managed to have one more, sneaked by Sir Winston, and saved my leg.

Home at last.

With 2 legs.

Woo Hoo!

There is something about a Saturday in July…

I think I will wander off to the park, with a bottle of wine in a plain brown paper bag.

I just know there are those who are waiting to meet Chicken Buttafucco.

And if you like getting caught in the rain, I will see you there!





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