My gal Friday.

Robinson Crusoe.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Black Friday

Holy Friday

Fish fry Friday

Thank God it’s…

Robert Heinlein’s Friday.

Good Friday.

Friday night football.

Is it Friday yet?

It’s Friday somewhere.

Drum roll: And it’s 420 somewhere, on a Friday afternoon.

Get down, bang a gong and hit the bong.

When we wake up tomorrow, Friday will have faded away.

Did you enjoy every wonderful minute of this day, July 10, 2015?

If not, think about making a promise to yourself.

For just one day, on a July Saturday,

Give yourself space

Do what you enjoy

Enjoy what you do

Make it a Saturday to remember

So that we can talk about it on Sunday

And cherish this weekend

Looking at it…

As if it is your last weekend…. or your very first weekend.

Is there really any difference?






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