It seems that things slow down in the summertime.

I don’t find myself hurrying as much as I do when the air is crisper and cooler.

I watched a lady bug climbing the screen door, today.  She was in slow motion.

The cats are stretched out, sunning themselves.

For supper, it will be clams and hot sauce, an easy meal and so tasty.

When I go shopping, I head for the fresh fruit and veggies at the farmer’s markets.

Red wine is replaced with orange juice and vodka, or margaritas.

I have to “do laundry” more often in the summer.  And bring out the iron. Cotton and linen are wonderful, but they are not the wrinkle free, sturdy wooly clothes of winter.

I wake up to the birds chirping every morning, at 5am.  I don’t even need an alarm clock.

When it rains, it storms.  Summer rain is lively and noisy, compared to the silent, blanket of a wintry snow fall.

Summer time and the living is easy.

Yes, indeed.  So very true.




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