Hello everyone.

I wrote an absolutely lovely blog tonight.

And the phantoms ate it.

And I really cannot remember what the #%@%#%#%# I wrote about.

But I know it had to be mesmerizing and brilliant.

Well, at least, slightly humorous.

I had a long day.

It was 100 degrees.

Wouldn’t  you know it was the day my new deck would be installed.

What a crazy day to install a deck.

So, here I am, looking at a half assed deck

Why did I have a roof installed in January and a deck in July?

I just might be the worst planner of decks and roofs in the state of Pennsylvania.

:”Hey, Miss Wolf, did you know you need a new window?”


“And Ms Wolf, you need a gutter.”


“Excuse, me, you goofy old Wolf, have you considered fixing up your old kitchen and bathroom?”

“Can someone please take me out back and shoot me?”

You see, that is the way my Monday was.  July 20,2015.

I did not sleep well.

4am.  I am up and at em.

Headed to Weis Market for a bagel.

I asked :  “Do you have cream cheese?”

Don’t even guess what I was told.

Checked into work early, to make sure the ” Launch” was successful.

At 5pm, I was more than ready to head out, to home, to a half assed deck in 100 degree temps.

Jim, the king of the hill, took one look at me and said: “Hey, be sure to thank MCat for the licorice. and ask her, who sang this song:  Jack Daniels, if you please.”

You know what?

I might try Jack Daniels.

And if you want to know who sang it, it was David Allen Cole.

But the real question remains: Who sang , Ja Ja Ja Ja, Jameson?”

Does anyone really know what time it is?  Does anyone really care?

Hey, Dana?  Pour me, pour you, pour us……”

Can you feel the love tonight?

We are, after all, the last of the Mohicans, the final 2 Edisons, the craziest girls of all time,

And you know what?

We are both nuts.

But, in the words of D Parton,

“I will always love you!.”






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