What I really wanted to say today:

“Hey, Barb! Good to see you, but you don’t look like you feel very well. Is it 2nd opinion time?”

“Karissa?  That walrus?  It is really a beaver in drag?”

“MCat? If I were you, I would keep those glasses.  Why go for a new pair? Sometimes it is better to see half assed.  It stimulates the imagination and besides, most people look a lot better in a fuzzy purple haze.”

“Pat?  So you had a bad day? Huh?  You had a good day?  Huh?  Hey Pat, Shut the hell up.”

“Erica?  Why is it that you seem far too satisfied, now that you have Chewy and Ozzie as your bffs?”

“Dana?  What do you mean, I should stop drinking Jameson in the office?”

“Beav?  Congrats on quitting smoking.  I only hope when you are old enough to retire, you will reconsider and join me in Oregon.”

“Annie?  Oh wait, Annie is dead to me and all other frequent visitors of facebook.”

“Lisa?  Stephanie?  Eugene?  Gary?  Jeff?  Kathy?  Jasmarie?   Carol? Titu?  Or is it Titi? Or Tofu?  I love it when I hear Lisa on the intercom.  I know the kitting crew is alive and well, and taking care of all of us.”

“Hey Ron and Phil and Luis and Kyle and Alex, and John, and John, and John and John, and John: Oh wait.  Then there is Angus.  Oops. Agnes.  And Chris.  And let us not forget Luis and Barb and Ahmed and Tom and Missy and Cindy and …. Oh wait…. there is now eye candy in bindery.”

“And to all of you, who crossed my path today, thank you, for making today another memorable day.”

“And for tomorrow? Thursday, July 30, 2015?  It’s bound to be a spectacular day.”

“What?  You don’t believe it?  Guess what?  It will be, but it’s up to you.”

“And to me, of course.”

“Life is like that, you know.  It’s what we believe it will be.”






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