Oh no.  It’s 5 oclock.  AM.

What the heck is AM?  After morning?

And PM?  Post morning?

And then there is BC.

Before Christ?

And AC?

Wait.  Isn’t that something electrical?

Like alternate current?

OK.  So Edison was wrong.

There is AC and there is DC and at weddings, there are DJs.

And did you know?

The AC/DC drummer is having issues?

Then, when I communicate on line, I tend to talk in code.



And all that crazy stuff.

Then, at work, we are told we need to make sure we meet our customers’ SLA

And bill the PFS.

I leave at 5pm, post morning, I guess,

And head out on the highway, looking for adventure,

In whatever way I can.

Home at last:




Oh who cares?

I am in my PJs

Texting my BFFs

And acting like an SOB.

Oh how I love being an AH.

(you thought I meant asshole, didn’t you?)



Awesome Hole.

Ok, so that is a stretch.

But then, at the end of the day, this day, July 30th, 2015. it’s 98 degrees.

We turn on the AC and toast to Karissa!

Thanks for the NYFRB:

(Not your father’s root beer)

It’s sweet and it’s neat and it makes me want to tweet,

I am out of here, kids.

I won’t BRB

This AH is heading out to her new deck

To toast to Karissa

Hey! Do you remember?  Your President Nixon?

Do you remember? The bills you have to pay?

Or even root beer floats?






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