Which is better?

Working from home?

Working from the office?


Which is more comfortable?

Hanging around all day in your pjs?

Rising early, taking a shower, getting dressed, and heading out?


Do you prefer to:

Talk on the phone and use email and chat?

Interact in person?


Do you get your energy from:


Or dealing with others?


Is it easier to quit work when you are:

Still at home, where you have been all day?

At the office, where you can leave and call it a day?


Which do you prefer?

Not having cube mates?

Having cube mates?


Do you like feeling:

Connected, but remotely?

Involved, and in your face?


If you were offered a job that you could work from home or from the office,

Which would you choose?

Ok, that’s the quiz for today.

By the way, see you at the office on Monday!

Between you and me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.









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