Once in a great while, I get fired up.

Today, I was on fire.

Hey, girl.

Do what I say.

Say what I do.

Just walk the line

You’ll be just fine.

It isn’t your job to decide what we do

Your job is to do what I say

And incidentally, by the way,

Decisions are made only by money

So does any one care what you think, Honey?

Of course we do

We all love you.

Carry on, my wayward friend

Just do what we say til the end.

Yeah, my leader, I am not always right,

But your team just might provide valuable insight.

Success is sweet when it involves the team

It’s a feeling, a commitment, a wonderful thing.

So until tomorrow  when we meet again

Remember the Alamo, the Maine and your name

Good night

Sleep tight

Never give up the fight

But remember:

We value your opinions

And we admire all your minions.

But in the end,

It doesn’t matter, my friend.

We will do what we do

And you will do what we say

Ok, so…..

My My hey hey

Just do what I say, if you want to stay

And if not,

You can go your own way

But don’t let the door or the dream of being a member of a winning team

Kick your ass on the way out.





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