Did you know?

That elephants never forget?

How dumb is that?

Do you really know any elephants that well?

That you can tell?

That they don’t forget?

Were you aware?

That there are blue chickens?

Or do you care?

And if you did have one, and it laid blue eggs

Would you eat blue eggs?

And if it stopped laying would you eat the blue bird?

Or do chickens ever stop laying?

Perhaps they were rabbits in a previous life

and you know rabbits never stop.

Were they the inspiration for the song, Lay down Sally?

Or Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay?

Do you really think Bob Dylan had a big brass bed?

Come on.

He grew up in Northern Minnesota, on the iron range.

He probably had a taconite bed.

Do you believe the moon is made out of cheese?

Or that a cow jumped over it?

Did Jack and Jill fall down the hill?

Or did the cow push them?

For eating green eggs and ham?

And where did the green eggs come from?

Are there green chickens?

I have a feeling that those chickens may be Irish.

I saw one tonight

In a sports bar.

Drinking a Heinekin and wearing a green beret.

Funny, I thought, I am wearing a green beret

And drinking a heiney.

And then I realized I was looking in the mirror.

I tipped my hat and winked at the image

Guess what?

Yeah, It’s me, Chicken Butt

Another lesson learned:

Sometimes you may find yourself looking at yourself

And you wonder who that is

Is that really me?

What happened?

Where did the years go?

How can this be?

Can an elephant remember?

Can a chicken be blue?

And maybe, just maybe, Bob Dylan did have a brass bed.







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