Meteor showers tonight.

The closer to midnight, the better they will be.

I can’t think of anything more wonderful than sitting out on the deck, on a warm August night, in my pjs, with a beer, watching the show in the sky.

On the ride home tonight, in rural Pennsylvania, on a narrow, one lane road, surrounded by towering corn fields, it occurred to me that the end of summer was near.

There had been a brief rain shower.

White clouds and blue skies prevailed.

How did the corn get so high?

I felt protected, enveloped, cozy, secure.

A young girl was riding a horse on the country road.

When I slowed down to let her pass, she smiled and looked so vulnerable.

A petite girl, maybe 12 years old, riding bare back, with her arms around her beloved horse’s neck.

Then I noticed the Jack Russell Terrier:  Oh, I see, it’s a 3 some.  Best buddies. Girl, dog and horse.

For August, everything seems so green, and thriving.  We have had a good summer, so far.

Up the driveway, up the stairs, to be greeted by 2 cats, who looked like they had been snoozing all day.

Hey, Pinty and Puffy, want to sit with your old Mommy on the deck tonight?  To watch the fire in the sky?




Food, and fresh water please.

I ask again: Want to see the heavens on fire tonight?

Pinty slinks by to go out the front door.

Puff goes back to sleep.

I find my Hello Kitty robe and a beer.

I think about life, remembering the dark times,

Accepting the painful and challenging years

And then on an August night, in 2015,

Letting all of that go

Remembering, after all,

That life has its seasons

And tonight, it will be all about the magical, mysterious, wonderful world of light….

And fantasy.

Or is it reality?

The secret lies in your attitude.

It is what you believe it is.




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