We grow up, graduate and apply for a job.

We get hired.

We are part of a team.

Or maybe, several teams.

Success depends on how well one performs in the teams.

Which is more important?

The individual? or the team?

Do we get promoted based on individual accomplishments?

Or team work?

Take a look at the rising stars, where you work.

What makes them stand out from the others?







Or are they just natural born leaders?



Obnoxious? The squeaking wheel?


Perhaps, all of the above?

But they make things happen.

They make decisions and are accountable for the consequences.

They go the extra mile, paying attention to details.

They follow up.

Some even give others credit for their success.

We don’t choose our co workers or our team mates.

We may not even like one another.

But if you find yourself not liking someone on your team, you may discover that it is because that person is just like you are.

Finally, when one has worked in teams for many years, it comes down to this:

Everyone wants to be important, to make a difference, to be respected and admired.

If you look beyond the surface, you will find that we are all pretty much alike.

Winning and being right is important to the individual.

To the team, however, it is about learning, and striving and celebrating successes together.

In one instance, I win.

In the other, we all win.

Would you prefer to be alone on the top of the mountain?

Or to have a party?

For me?

Let’s party!

How sweet is that?




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