Have you ever been a bride, walking down the aisle?

With a veil and white dress and all that jazz?

Surrounded by rows and rows of friends and family.

Wondering if you look good.

And hoping the groom hasn’t changed his mind.

Or, in some cases, hoping he has?

Anxiety prevails.

What if something doesn’t go right?

What if I trip?

Or faint?

Or decide that I really don’t want to do this.

I felt that way tonight, driving home.

The doggone corn was so high, I had a flashback to that day in the church.

Oh geez, look at all the people.

I am walking through a maze.

Surrounded by corn stalks, or are they people?

Did I really walk down that aisle, as a child of 22?

And if I did, why?

I knew after a month, it was a mistake, but I held on.

We all live forever.


When it got to the point of no return, I wandered through the corn field once again.

And found that in the maze, one finds herself.

We don’t live forever.

We make mistakes.

It’s ok.

And we move on.

And sometimes, we find our purpose.

And sometimes, we repeat our mistakes.

And sometimes, we find that it doesn’t matter.

We are who we are.

And no one or anyone can make us miserable or happy.

It is up to us.

The lesson to be learned?

We are here,  alive, on this earth, for some reason.

Whatever you believe,  you will not be here forever.

While you still have the spark of life, the living and breathing spirit, give it your best shot.

And let’s meet on Friday night, or any night, to hang out and celebrate our failures.

Misery loves company.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it inspires us to form a brotherhood of humanity.

We are the survivors.

And no one can take that from us.




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