I believe I have fallen victim to the world today.

I thrive on chaos, motion, entertainment and stress.

My attention span is seriously challenged.

I forgot how to relax.

The weekend weather was exceptionally beautiful so I made a decision to stop the madness.

No TV, no music, no phones, no computer, no books, at least for a day.

Let’s face it:  People go on vacation all the time to escape their daily distractions.

I  took a mini flight from my crazy world.

Up early, and out on the deck with a cup of java.

Looking out on my yard and trees, nothing is moving.

No noise.

An occasional car might drive by.

Or maybe the neighbor riding her horse.

A squirrel runs across the lawn.

A chicken hawk soars overhead.

Butterflies are everywhere.

My mind stops racing.

I soak up the sun.

How very fortunate I am to live here, with a yard that looks like a mini park.

There is nothing but grass and trees as far as the eye can see.

I think about fall colors and leaves falling and decide to fill the deck with red and yellow mums.

My cat decides to join me.

We are basking in the sun, on the deck, in silence.

After all there is no need to talk to your best friend.

The cat and I:  best friends:

Just enjoying the moment, on an easy Sunday morning.







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