Have you ever wondered what your life might be like if…..

You knew at an early age what you wanted to be when you grew up?.

Ok, so you never grew up.

So now what?

Sometimes we have to modify our goals.

I have basic needs:  Food, shelter and a place to hang my hat.

It gets lonely, at times, with just me, hanging out in my one room flat, wearing my hat.

So, I move it up a notch.

I get a job, a house and a spouse.

How lovely, for the young at heart.


Oh yeah, I have had a few.


Yup, a few of those too.


Oh my, all the stuff I have in this house.

Can someone please take it all away?

Less is more.

All I want to do is have some fun.

I don’t know why or how we are here.

I often wonder if the planet earth is really the center of the universe.

I really doubt it.

However, I have witnessed amazing things in my life time.

Wondering if it is reality or an illusion.

A hummingbird flutters by and sips the nectar.

2 children, in a red wagon, riding down the street, waving to everyone they see.  Daddy smiling, and in charge.

Planting a seed in the spring that gives life in the fall.

A chance meeting: Love at first sight.

Living for a higher purpose, to be remembered and admired.

Enjoying the company of those who make us feel good.

Loving what we do for a living.

Music: the universal language of the Gods.

Seeking out others,  every day, in every way, to form a bond and friendship, and a helping hand.

There is nothing that can compare to acknowledging those we see on a daily basis.

To let them know that they are important and that they make a difference in our lives.

And that we love them.

But then there are those, who take up a cause larger than themselves.

Devoting their lives to supporting those who support us.

Hey , MCat.  Nice going.

Let freedom ring.

And maybe, just maybe, some day, the world will be at peace.






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