Humpty Dumpty?

Oh yeah, it’s Wednesday.

And what a Wednesday it was.

From the sublime to the insane

And back again.

How many times did I repeat the phrase:  He/she/it/they drive me to drink and that is why I love them.

Crisis time, all morning.

Hold on, Chicken Butt.

Ride em cowgirl.

Let the good times roll.

You know what?

Customer service is not for the weak of heart, nor for those who need to have the last word.

Insult, injury and injustice?

It’s ok.

It happens.

And when it does, let it.

Think about an experience you may have had:

You are not happy.

Something didn’t go as planned.

You expected more.

You complained.


Oh yeah, It’s all about “and?”

Did you get this

:”Our policy…. blah blah blah…..”


“If you had done x instead of y, you would not have had this problem.”

How about this one:

“We are very busy and do our best, but cannot always deliver.”


“Why didn’t you place your order sooner?  These last minute requests cannot be honored.”

I hesitate to mention the dreaded recorded customer service process.  Press one for …. Press two and so on.

Have we really improved over the years?  For our customers?

Can they reach us when they need help?

Do we communicate when there is a problem?

Or do we wait for a complaint before we take action?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

To some:  Customer service is too expensive. Automate it.

To others: Customer service is a value added service.  Pay for it and it will increase your business and bottom line.

When it comes down to me, and my choices:  I only go where I feel welcome, where I feel special, and where I will get more than I expected.

Oh and one more thing:  I go where I get a warm and fuzzy feeling.

In the end, isn’t that what it is all about?

A feeling.

So simple.

Yet so illusive in our high tech, low touch world of today.




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