Ooooooooooooooooooooh yeah, baby!

Ever say that?

And why?

Beaver:  Chocolate beer!

Pat:  Sex or dinner?  (He said dinner)

Donna:  I send dirt and grass seed to the troops. But that’s another story.

Jacy:  9am?  tomorrow? Out back? Shoot me?  Promise?

Gina:  I baked this @5@%#%^ cake. Happy bday Sandy!

Rose:  A rose is a rose is a rose. Where’s the ice cream?

Barb:  Def Leppard, Styx and weed.  I love the Allentown fair.

Scottie:  Huh?

Freddie:  You like Def Leppard?  Hey, you really are an old bag, aren’t you?

Kelly:  Did you know that Wisconsin is famous for its cheese?

Mandy:  Thanks from one axxhole to another.

Chewy and Oz:  Do you have a Chinese menu?

Karissa:  I love wieners.

Annie and Rachel:  Ok, so who is the fashionista of the day?

Chicken Butt:  I am announcing today that I have made a life changing decision:  I am never, ever, gonna grow up!

Until tomorrow,





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