Headed out on a Saturday morning. in search of groceries for the fam, after goofing around for 3 hours, playing candy crush and all that jazz.


Beer store.


Lottery store.

12 noon: Cigarette store.

1215pm:  Liquor store.

1230pm:  Grocery store:

130pm: Gas station.  Oh great.  It’s the last weekend to cash in my gas credits.  Do you know how many people are lined up to get gas for less?

2pm:  Bar store.

4pm: Still at the bar store.

415pm:  3 doubles later and a meatball parm, I reluctantly leave the bar stool.  I mean the bar store.

430pm:  Oh no.  I have to carry all these #%5#%# groceries up the stairs.  Why did I have 3 doubles?

445pm:  Where did the day go?

5pm:  I am exhausted.  wink wink.

530pm:  Quitting time.

6pm:  Time to change into my pjs.

601pm:  I think about my day and realize I am a total idiot.

602pm:  On the other hand, I had a marvelous day.

603pm:  I love a 3 dog night, a 3 day weekend and a day with 3 doubles.

604pm:  Can someone please tell me:  Who am I?

605pm:  Don’t bother.  I know who I am, I am the walrus.  I am the egg man, with juju eyeballs.  I got to be good looking cuz I’m so hard to see.

7pm: Here we are, on the 5th day of September, 2015, and some of us do not realize the seriousness of the state of the world.  Instead, there are those who refuse to listen to the news, refuse to get involved, and who hang out in a haze at the local pub.  Tsk Tsk.

701pm:  Hey, listen, before you criticize,  would you vote for me if I ran for president?  I didn’t think so.

702pm:  Hello PIzza Hut?








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