Sunday, Sept 6, 2015

Up at the crack of dawn, to get ready for my new Sunday ritual:

2 cups of coffee, and then it is out on the porch, with a beer.

This usually occurs around 10am, but this morning, it started a little earlier.  Like 8am.

By noon, hungry as a bear, and getting slightly heated.

Took a break to make tacos and then it was back out on the porch.

By 3pm, I was feeing bloated as hell, so I decided to do the civil thing and opened a bottle of wine.

I am pondering whether or not I should take the wine out on the porch.

The cat is out there and mad as hell at me.

Yes, I did it.

When he was chomping on his dry food, I sneaked up and juiced him with his monthly dose of flea and tick medicine.

If I take the wine outside and he is there, I think he may take revenge on me, sneak up on me while I am in a tipsy haze and drink the wine.

It is amazing how very little I have accomplished these past few days.

However, with the amount of time I have been hanging out on the porch,  it has been time well spent.

A long weekend, quietly getting loaded, on the porch, with the squirrels chasing one another and the cat stalking me.  And I did see my old friend, Ace.

Ace is a hummingbird.  He used to hang around here in the summertime, and I wondered where the heck he was.  Now that I hang on the porch, he visits me, eyeing the nectar in my glass.

Ok, I am going to be brave about all this.

I am off to the porch, with my wine.

You may ask, why this burst of courage?

I just let the cat inside.





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