I am surprised that my mouse still works after spilling liquid all over it.

It was not intentional.

I was cleaning a painting of flowers.  Blue iris, hanging on the wall over the computer desk.

I bought a pack of micro fiber cleaning cloths that are supposedly the rage.

Just run water gently over them and wipe.


So I am wiping away and seeing a stream of water running down the side of the desk.

I think to myself:  Geez! These cloths are something else. Look at the water that has been laying around in this desk, bloated beyond belief, waiting for the miraculous micro cloths to release the flood waters.

I stare in disbelief and grab my beer.  What the hell? It’s my beer that is running rampant.

My mouse and computer are soaked in Coors light.

OK, Wolf., I say to myself.  Try it.  See if everything still works.

I google Bananawolf.

The response:

This website is currently unavailable and completely incoherent.

And by the way, it is definitely a blessing.

The nonsense that spews from this site, is outrageous and stupid.

I slowly rise from the google ashes and send a message:

To all those who may be looking for bananawolf, she is perched on her porch, picking a pack of pickled pig feet, parched to the max, with peter pan, peter rabbit and peter peter pumpkin eater.

Lesson learned.

Never clean while drinking.

Never drink while cleaning.

Never clean.

Just drink.






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