Well, this old chicken butt hightailed it to the bar, to celebrate life, to remember those we worked with, and to give tribute to those who gave their lives 14 years ago.

Guess what?

I showed up.

I drank.

I toasted.

I met a few new friends:  Santa and Christmas Carol, out on the patio.

And I had a wonderful time.

Too bad no one else showed up, hahahahahaha.

However, it was a beautiful September evening.

So nice to go back to my old watering hole, to check out the changes.

Actually, the place looks great.

I said to myself:  Everytime I look in the mirror, all the lines in my face getting clearer,

The past is gone.

Memories fade.

People come and go.

There is a new crowd in town.

I should have known better than to expect that things would not have changed.

They have.

I have.

It’s perfectly ok.

I needed to go back, one last time, in time.

But I, like all of us, have moved on.

Good bye yellow brick road.

Good night Irene.

Memories are sweeter when we leave them alone.

Let’s live, not for the past, not for the future, but for today.




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