Feeling pretty good, as I went about my daily rituals.

Problems, road blocks, issues, challenges.

Ok. Another manic Monday.

Get it together, Wolf.

One problem at a time.

In the scheme of things, can I really make a difference?

We all want what we want now.

We expect more than what we pay for.

Do you have time for me?

Do you care about me?

Can you at least have the decency to communicate with me?

Why do I have to call you to find out what is happening?

I am your customer.

I was here yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I am your future.

Or am I?

I am loyal, to a point, but I have choices.

You may not be the decision maker, but you certainly affect decisions.

If you promise, can you please deliver?

And if you were wrong, can we talk?

I am not unreasonable.

I just want what you want.

To establish a partnership that will stand the test of time.





Tuesday, tomorrow.

Another chance to make it right.

If not, it could be the last chance.

The last dance.

The self fulfilling prophecy.

Success or failure?

It’s all up to me.




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