It’s such a lovely thing, hanging out on the deck, on a Sunday morning, especially this morning.

A beautiful day, cool, breezy and boozy.


Did I say boozy?

I had good intentions, waking at dawn, with a winged heart, and all that jazz.

But when day light hit, and the cats started to drive me crazy, my ambition hit the deck…. literally.

4 beers later, I ignored the bustle in my hedgerow, and decided to take a day of rest.

I sauntered in and out to the deck, wobbling ever so slightly, as the morning progressed.

At exactly 12 noon, the cats were stalking me.

Lunch time!

Hey, guys, I know it is noon.  Just cool it, will you?

I am a tad bit unsteady on my feet.

I must have the flu or something.

Wink wink.

I love to pretend I am sick.

Do you think I have that munchkin disease?

I just googled it:

Munchausen Syndrome


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