Why is it that birds of a feather, drink together?

Now wait just a minute, here, Chicken Buttafucco.

Have you ever had a drink with Colleen, Kelly or Orla?

Have you ever seen the rain, coming down on a sunny day?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can these 3 lovely Irish ladies put up with your dumb chicken ass?”

Do you really think you have all your marbles?

More importantly, do you care?

Orla commutes to NYC every day.

She is on her game.

Gorgeous, blonde, and Irish, and so enchanting.

Colleen commutes to New Smithville, every day.

She is known as the mother of Maddie.

Oh, yes, Maddie: a precocious,30 year old midget in the body of a 5 year old.

Colleen, her Mom, and Maddie:  What a tribute to the generations.

I don’t know who I admire more. Mom, Colleen or Maddie.

I guess I love all 3 of them.

And then there is Kelly.

She does what she has to do to take care of everyone:

Her family, her dogs and her friends.

And she happens to be the cutest Easter Rabbit in the history of the world.

Hard working girls.

All of them.

And they always have time for the Chicken B.

In spite of her emotional and mental capabilities.

Hey girls!

Thanks for making me feel special.

Some day, in the scheme of things, it would be so delightful to hang out on the Jersey Shore,

with you 3.

Just for a day,

For a moment in time,

That would never be forgotten.







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