Washington DC

New York City


3 Great cities.

The Pope of the People

His message:

Love one another.

Share the wealth.

Take in the refugees.

Protect the environment.

Cherish the children.

Be humble.

Encourage diversity

Be non judgmental

Seek those who are suffering, and make a difference in their lives.

Take time, every day, for your spiritual growth.

Live each day as it is your last, or your first.

Marvel at the creatures who share this planet with you,

Sing, dance and enjoy.

Never forget that your life on this earth only lasts a short time,

And for that reason, do what you can to make a difference in the lives of others.

Tonight, after another stressful day, I am inspired by a simple man,

A man of the people,

And one of the most amazing popes of all time.






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