I am very logical.

I have morning sickness.

Thus, I am pregnant.

I am too old to be pregnant,

Therefore,  I could be the modern St. Ann.

Or there could be another extenuating cause of my morning sickness

I could have a terminal illness

It’s called life

And mornings are interfering with my enjoyment of life.

I need to find a night job.

But logically, I can’t

I don’t know of too many jobs that hire half in the bag, bags.

There are those who pay to see old rock stars and ex presidents.

Eric Clapton just turned 70.

Mick?  72.

Willie Clinton and George W?  69.

Orange is the new black.

And chicken butts are a dying breed.

The Donald?

Born in 1946.

So was Cher

I wonder if all of these old goofs are having morning sickness issues.

Does Keith Richards ever get tired of the same old riff of I can’t get no satisfaction?

Does Elton John really believe the bitch is back, after all these years?

Does the Looking Glass still think Brandi would make a good wife?

Is Willie sufficiently stoned when his blue eyes cry in the rain?

Do the Bushes still feel that one in the bush is worth two in the white house?

Did Donald’s wife ever produce a birth certificate?  Could she be an illegal alien?

Will the world ever wake up and realize that daylight savings is ridiculous?

Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

Sorry, I had to say that, just to be an idiot.

In parting, just one minor announcement:

The weather forecast is for rain

Lots of rain.

Enough rain to last for 40 days and 40 nights.

Get out your arks

It’s been a crazy September

Not sure if it is the red moon

Or if I am a lunatic

But it just may be a lunatic you’ve been looking for

Regardless, rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Now what?

FYI:  I am going through a major life change

I have decided I will no longer be known as Wolf or Chicken Butt.

From this day forward, call me Mary Jane.












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