Have you ever been so close to a devastating accident that could have killed you?

It didn’t happen, but if I had been there 5 seconds earlier….

Or if I had not swerved at the last moment….

Today could have been my last day on this earth.

Another lesson learned today.

We take our lives for granted, sometimes.

We go about our daily routines, never considering that we need to focus on the moments of our lives, no matter how routine.

I don’t know if I truly believe in fate, but fate did intervene today, or did it?

Fate can be good, and fate can be fatal.

On this day, October 1, 2015, on my late sister’s birthday, I am still with you.

Some will say that I still have more to prove in this life.

Others will say that I am damn lucky.

I arrive home to hear that 13 people were killed in a shooting in Oregon.

Is that fate?

Do we really have any control over when our time is up?

Or is everything random?

My answer is yes, in some cases, no, in others, and maybe, when our focus wanders.

Be vigilant, my friends.

Smell the roses.

Slow down.

Enjoy today.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Treat everyone in your life with respect and kindness.

Yeah, so these are not the most original thoughts in the world, but you are an original.

We all are.

And our time with one another?

Savor every moment.

You may not have another opportunity to do so.


Wolf, aka Chicken Butt, aka Mary Jane





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