Love my Saturday routine.

I guess we all dream about our Saturdays.

Knowing we can sleep in…. and then, what the heck?   It’s 7am, and I am up.

A day of leisure, right?

Wrong again.

Cleaning, laundry, shopping, doing the things I can’t do during the week.

It is now 3pm.

Not fair.

I wanted a day to relax, to hang out, to be a goof, so what happened?

And the little voice in my head says:  “Life, you idiot, Saturday is the day you love to hate.  Or is it hate to love?:”

“Ok, so I defer to tomorrow. Sunday, a day of rest.”

“Wrong again.  You know you have to get things ready for the upcoming week.  Cooking, ironing, cleaning and all that jazz.”

That voice in my head is annoying. I refuse to give in to it.  I have a beer.  I eat a donut.  I call 911.  They tell me I am a certified lunatic, and to please stop calling.  I change into my pjs and approach the cat.. She swats me.  You don’t know what it’s like to be the bad woman, the sad woman behind hazel eyes.

I eat a few hundred sunflower seeds.

I drink 2 Italian beers:  Peroni.

I open the door and realize that winter has set in.

I am freezing.

I am the walrus.

I am the chicken butt.

I am Mary Jane.

Oh, who the hell cares?

I am a mess.

I call 911 just one more time.

“Can someone please take me out back and shoot me?”

911 responds:  “Look Wolf, or Chx Butt or Mary Jane, or whoever you are:  We will be in your area this evening, and we will be more than happy to shoot your obnoxious ass.”

Now I am a fugitive, on the run, a death warrant on my ass… yes my obnoxious ass.

I call 911 one more time.

“Hi.  It’s me. Wolfie, Chickie B, aka the ripe banana, with Mary Jane, that damn old smoking idiot.  Can you please cancel the death warrant on my ass?  I have decided to turn over a new leaf, and if you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain, will you meet me at Dunkin  Donuts? Meet with me and we will escape.”

“Hey MJ,. you can’t be serious.  Why do you think DD is so profitable?  DD and MJ:  forever and ever amen.”

Police vs the public: Brotherhood vs the hood:  Guns vs the unarmed. Obey the laws.  Eat the donuts.  Let the cops eat for free, as the children die.  Right? Wrong?  Left? Right?  Politics? Religion?


So far, none.

The children continue to be vulnerable.

We are only as strong as our weakest link.

Hello, America!

Who can save our children?






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