Welcome home.

No sweeter words were ever spoken.

Especially to those who have been serving our country in a foreign land

To preserve our way of life, our freedom, our beliefs.

Welcome home

I hope you will be able to stay with us for awhile

To get to know your baby,

To reunite with your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your friends.

Oh my, how you have changed.

The child had become the man

We have missed you

But you have made us proud.

And if you have to leave us again,

Would it be ok if I hug you every day that you are with us?

And tell you how much I admire you?

And to admit that you, my offspring, my little boy, has shown me the courage to let you go

To do your best

For your family, for yourself and for this country.

Welcome home.

Let’s enjoy our time together, now, every moment, every day.

And when the time comes to move on, let us welcome that challenge,

Knowing that our family and our country is stronger because of your devotion.




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