A routine doctor appointment.

Oh yeah?

Uhmmmm, your bp is sky high, so we are increasing your dosage. And by the way, you need to schedule 5 tests, and get back here next Friday so we can check out the BP.

What time?


Oh no, not 8am. What is the last appointment?


Really? Are you serious?  420?  Hey Doc, that is perfect.

What’s so special about 420?


Anyway, see you next Friday.

Now, I want you to take your bp every day.

Yeah, and you also want me to go to 5 specialists to see what the hell is wrong with me. Well, guess what?


Look Doc, I have stress..

I have issues.

I am old.

I drink.

My BP is over the top.

May I remind you that I prefer a natural cure?

So when I return, next week, at 420, can you prescribe a natural herb instead of 5 tests, including that prescription for heavy duty BP meds?

Look, Wolf, or Chicken Butt, or whoever you are, medicine is a business.

Take those tests.

Drink the kool aid.

And if I find that you are dancing with Mary Jane, I will not be happy.

Cancel that appointment, Doc.

Cancel those tests, Doc.

Cancel ever seeing me again.

Mary Jane is dancing her last dance.

Her dance card is full.

Just as her life is.

So, let us live our lives, into old age, without all the tests, the stress, the restrictions and the BS.

We are all gonna die.

We all have issues.

And come on, who really wants to live another 10 or 20 years?

Unless of course, it is 10 or 20 years of debauchery and nonsense.






One thought on “Hey Doc? Have you ever heard of the life cycle?

  1. It’s sort of like everyone is afraid they are going to die, and doctors are somehow supposed to keep the truth a secret: death and disease are normal parts of life. And so, after three years and many honors, I left medical school to be frank about such things. My name is Dr. Geyser, and I eat pizza and microwave burritos, drink to my heart’s content (which, with a predictable twist of irony, is far less than I did in medical school), and no longer believe in a singular standard of health. Life extends across the discontinuity imposed by death, in our children and through our words. There is a need for more patients, and certainly more doctors, who think like you do. Your frank-ness is appreciated.

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