Questions on a Saturday in October:

Did you happen to drive through the countryside today?

If you didn’t, go for it tomorrow.

The colors are spectacular.

Are you contemplating doing something over the top?

I not only contemplated, I did it.

I wore a wig to the grocery store.

A frosted job from the 80s.

Hey, I think I will wear it to work.

Such a fox, I am.

Is there something you really want to do this weekend but you know you won’t do it?

Hey, guys and girls, do it.

Life is short.

I take that back.

Weekends  are short.

Did you hug your cat today?

Hold it.  Don’t do it, if your cat is hateful.

Mine is, after I applied flea and tick medicine on her, while she was sleeping.

How about your fruits and veggies for the day?  Did you have at least 4 helpings?

I can honestly say I did, thanks to Kelly, my dietician at the local bar.

I might be a mess, but at least I will not have scurvy.

Har Har Har

Do you have your Halloween costume ready?

Or are you a party pooper?

Life has very few opportunities to be an  idiot, while being socially accepted.

Try it.  It is a blast.

And so much fun.

Until tomorrow, enjoy your weekend.

Better yet, enjoy today.

Enjoy every day.

Time slips away.

We will never be here again, in the moment.

However, I hope to be around on Monday morning, wearing the frosted wig from the 80s to work.





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