Ok, I am home.

Who would have thought I would have made it?

I detoxed today:

Grapefruit for breakfast,

Oranges on the morning break,

Kale salad with pumpkin seeds for lunch,

And one of those crispy apples with nutella for an afternoon snack.

The detoxification continued as I ordered orange juice  (with vodka) of course

and proceeded to drink my way into the hearts and souls of the bar patrons.

Not really.

If you have ever detoxed, no one wants to hang with you, until you are half in the bag

And “Normal” again.

It was a dark and stormy night.

Just kidding.

I love pretending I am Snoopy writing his memoires.

I am hungry as a bear.

That damn detoxification is not what it is cracked up to be.

I have a feeling that a pepperoni pizza may soon be in my future.

By the way, I hear the new Peter Pan movie has been panned.

How biblical.

Later, Tators  and Gators.

May we meet again.




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