Hello Blue Jays

Hello Texas

I am watching the playoff game.


You guys are nuts.

So are your fans.

I wish I was there.

Only to raise hell and get wild.

And will either of you be in the series?

Or does it matter?

Right now, we are in a frenzy,

The last inning took almost an hour.

I grew up near Canada

And always wondered if I was as crazy as my Canadian friends.

Texas?  Are you ready for the Canucks?

Do you believe in throwing beer bottles and cans on the field?

How did the Canadians get into the US World Series, anyway?

I guess we are planning to take in Canada as the 51st state.

Or maybe the US is moving to Canada.

They really do have a nicer anthem.

Oh Canada, vs Oh, say can you see?

Does it matter who wins the game?

Only if you live in Texas or in Ontario.

So as I watch this crazy ass game unfold,

May I just say:

Go Cubs!!!!!




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