I have a bee in my bonnet.

Or a hornet in my bloomers.

My Sunday ritual was rudely interrupted by Jack and Mother.

Frost and Nature, that is.

Too cold to sit on the deck.

My friend Susie suggested that I get an electric blanket and plug myself in, out there on the deck.

I can see it now:  January 10th:  20 below zero.

Winds howling.

And there is the Chicken Butt on her deck wrapped up in her electric chair.

Did I say electric chair?

It could very well be that, if I was plugged in, during a snow storm.


Wait a minute.

Where is my bear?

My furry winter coat, with the hood?


Gotta go, friends.

I am escorting the bear out to the deck, for a night cap…. or two.




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