So I overslept a little.

So what?

All I had to do was drive the buggy to the dealership.


So my appointment was at 730am.

It snowed.

And was frosty.

What the heck?

The windshield didn’t want to cooperate.

10 minutes.


5 minutes to drive 10 miles.

When I got there, guess what?

The rental car was not ready.

I waited another 10 minutes until the windshield of the little silver bullet was ready to roll.

Oh geez, I need a coffee.

Stopped at Dunkin.

Hey what the hell?  Where is the key?

This car stops without a key.

Ordered a coffee, and a bagel.

Oh how wonderful life is.

Here I am, ready to roll.

Uhmmmm, wait.

Where is the key?

How does one start a car without a key?

Oh yeah. Push the button.

Put the car in drive.

Geez, the car is drifting backwards.

Ok. Start again.

And again.

I see the battery light.

What the hell.

I am stranded, at DD, in a car without a key.

I look around.

Shoot! There is a liquor store a few steps away, and a grocery store, and a restaurant, along with an emergency walk in place.  Hell!  Who cares if I ever get this @@$@%@%% keyless car to start.

Along comes a bus.

A school bus.

Husband and wife, I presume.

She goes into DD to get coffee, and I saunter up to the hubby.

Do you know anything about these keyless cars?

Whose car is it, he says?  (thinking I might have stolen it.)

Well, he didn’t.

And I was still stuck, until Mrs Bus Driver walks out of DD and says: Close the door. It’s the door that won’t let it start.  Wrong.

The 3 of us drink our coffee and have a lovely time, until Mrs. B Driver says,” Hey!  Wait.  My daughter has a keyless car and she had to step on the break, before she pushes that button.”

Doggone it.  She was right.

Our lovely three some  was rudely interrupted by this ridiculous keyless car reving up like a deuce in the night, blinded by the light.

I am home now.

The keyless beast has been returned to its natural habitat.

I only hope that tomorrow that  the beast brings more people together, at DD or wherever, when technology runs rampant, and refuses to cooperate until we all need one another…. and to indulge in friendship and  donuts, of course.



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