Sometimes, we have nothing to say, us bloggers.

We just pop in here and let our fingers do the walking.

How many of us really make any kind of impact on the world?

Who the heck cares what we have to say?

Today Patricia is capturing the attention of the world.

She is huffing and puffing and howling her way into Mexico.

I happen to sit across from Patricia.

She huffs and puffs all day, every day, and she gets absolutely no press.

She tries to obliterate me on a daily basis, sneezing, blowing and howling, but on a much tamer level.

“Bless you” , I say, as she honks into her tissue, 40 or 50 times a day.

As Abe once said: “We are now engaged in a great civil war.”  Ooops, wrong address.  I stand corrected.

“We are now engaged in a great redesign.  Our traditional hierarchy is being challenged, as we move towards the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

My brow furrows, as I reflect:  “Hey we already do function as a team, every day, in every way.  And probably the most effective teaming I have witnessed since Abe L and I dated back in 1864.”

But function and finality are fickle. We must rise to the occasion, to take on the challenges that a young, new team must face.

If only, I could be….. a contender.

Oh Marlon!  Ain’t life grand?

And Marlon responds:  Got a doughnut?

And I slink into my sexy steel toed shoes and climb the stairway to heaven.

Oops, I meant, prepress.








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