Overheard today:

Puff Daddy? What’s with the crying? And what do you have in your mouth?  And why, oh why, do you insist on putting it in your toy box?

What the hell happened to your voice? You sound like froggy. Ok. And you even look like froggy.  Hey, froggy, will you marry me?  Hold it.  I hardly know you. But I can’t resist a frog who sounds like Kenny Rogers.

Step up. Go for it. Be a leader.  Apply for the openings.  You can do it.  Leaders are not born, they evolve. Just remember, nobody likes a crab or anyone who has crabs.

I went to the watering hole, to have a drink.  The usual crowd was there, except for Gary.  Where are you Gary?  Oh yeah, Gary, such a character, now a part of the universe. Good bye Gar.  Do any of us really know when our time is up?

Driving home, I witnessed the last of the glorious colors of autumn. I am not a photographer, nor a reporter.  I am just me, enjoying what I see, every night, on my way home. What a spectacular sight!

The Chicken Butt has fed the cats, had a beer or two and made dinner.  Another Monday. A very challenging day for this old goat, but one that I must admit was a keeper and a winner.  A day like no other, and yet, like all the rest: A day that held the possibilities of making a difference.  Not for me, but for you.




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