Just the kind of day we Irish cherish.

Grab a cat and a book and hide in the comforter.

Oh wait.  I have to work.

The morning commute is miserable, with the glaring lights in the misty fog.

The work load is heavy, everywhere I look.

And the truth emerges:  When we are overloaded in one area of the operation, we stop being productive.

We work in an interdependent environment: Take a hit in one area, and the processes no longer function the way they should.

It’s not just here, where I work, it is the foundation of all businesses, even our government.

We hear about the maverick blimp, on the loose, heading out of Maryland, and into Pennsylvania.  Jet fighters are summoned to find the massive balloon. It finally pops its weasel and takes down power lines and lands in a corn field.  Now what?  Geez.  If only we had not let that fatty fatty 2×4  get loose.

And if only we had not allowed the breakdown…..

3 days left in October.

3 days to fix the problem.

3 days to get that enormous blimp out of the corn fields and back to MD.

When will we learn that we are only as good and only as effective and profitable, as we are when we devote our energies and resources to the weakest link?

Ok, so tomorrow, the rain is moving out.

The blimp is no longer up in the sky, creating havoc.

It’s another chance for us to get it all together.

It is possible.

Actually, it is expected.

We will succeed.



After many years of working I have learned that despite the odds,

We will do it.

Our future depends on it.






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