Cats are a lot like humans.

Feed me.

Breed me.

Let me have my wild streak.

Don’t forget to groom me.

Make me feel like I am special.

Praise me.

Treats, please.

Only the freshest water will do, thank you.

I need my beauty rest, and I will not tolerate anything getting in my way.

Do not attempt to lie next to me, to touch me or to upset my routine.

I do not appreciate noisy interruptions, like thunder storms or fire works.

If you insist on having strangers in my house, I will retreat to unknown hiding places.

And when I emerge, I will let you know I hate you for interrupting my routine.

I know when you have been around another creature, and if you smell like a dog, well, be prepared for the consequences.

We cats are quite wonderful companions, yes, we are.

As long as you realize that we are far superior to any other creature in your life

And that your purpose in this life is to serve us.

It has been said that the servant becomes the master.

And so it is:  Hey Kitty!  I am getting tired, my friend.

I want to go to bed.

You are in my bed.

I am slowly, gently, easing into the bed.

And Kitty opens one eye and stretches out, singing, “You’ll be wrapped around my finger…..”

I curl up in the fetal position and hang on to the edge of the bed, trying not to disturb the 10 lb cat, who owns me.

Cats are a lot like humans,…… only smarter.




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