I rarely ask for help.

It could be my weakness

I am determined to do whatever it is I have to do, by myself

To step up to the plate, to take on challenges.

And then, on occasion, it happens.

I need help.

I recall my training:  When you need help, we have resources available.

We have an open door policy.

We encourage you to reach out to your co workers, your leads, your supervisors.

After all, we are all in it together.

We had a team building meeting.

We stated our expectations.

We agreed that when one of us needs help, we will band together, to provide that support.

I state my issue.

I am rebuffed.

I am chastised.

I should have been at the meeting yesterday.  If I had, I would have known better than to approach the bear.

Hey, girl.  I was at the meeting.

Hey girl, I am just asking if you can help.

Hey girl, I don’t feel very good about this

Hey girl, if I have a problem, in the future, I will not ask you to help me.

And so it goes.

I rarely ask for help.

And that will continue.

Come hell or high water,  I refuse to seek out your help.

You make me feel like I don’t count.  I don’t matter, and you are too busy for the likes of me.

I retreat into my world.

It is a good place.

And when those who need help approach me, I open my heart, my arms and my mind, and let them know that I am here for them, will help when I can, and will never make them feel they are bothering me.

Together, we usually can resolve the issues.

And when we do, what a great feeling it is.

Success is not about me.

It is not about you.

It is all about us.

And how we work together.





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