How sweet it is, when one finishes an enormous task.




And then….. the customer calls.

Can we talk?

How about a conference call.

We need to regroup, to modify our plans.

We miscalculated.

We have a better idea.

And we only  have a week to implement this new plan.

Time out:  How does one respond?

We are here to serve the customer.

We are here to deliver what is expected.

But we are, after all, human. and therefore, limited, to some extent.

We deliberate.

We weigh the pros and cons.

And the costs.

We reason back and forth.

We agree to do whatever it is that is best for the customer.

We don’t push back.

We accept the challenge

We offer what we can do

It is obvious:  Our original plan was a winner.

We shake hands.

We move forward.

It’s what good partners do all the time.

We love to discuss possibilities, and to challenge our capabilities.

The proof is in the pudding:

Can we improve your bottom line?

Can we reduce your costs?

Can we bring innovative improvements to your business?

If yes, we both survive.

And sometimes, it just takes a call , to communicate, honestly. To allow the give and take and back and forth that good partners do….. and to agree to do what is best for now.

Once that trust is established, it can be a remarkable thing.

Cheers to those who have this enduring relationship.

It can only result in sweet success.



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