Kelly said good bye today.

It didn’t sink in.

I expect to see her at her desk, singing to herself, on Monday.

She is always at her desk, early in the morning.

When I see her there, I have a good feeling.

I know that if I have a problem, she will be there, for me.

I try to startle her sometimes, to make her think that I am crazy, but she is already aware of that fact, and makes sure that I know that she knows.

She can be the most hilarious person in the world, and she can be the most serious.’

She takes on the role that fits the immediate need and had that special ability to diffuse difficult situations.

She loves to laugh, at herself and with others, but never at the expense of others.

She has her dreams and goes for them.

One of these days, I expect to hear that she has moved South, to live out those dreams.

She is one of a kind, Kelly is.  Loves her whales, white pizza and messenger bags.

She is the one who can be counted on to step up to any challenge.

A true role model.

Thanks, Kelly, for the support you have generously given us all these years.

You will be missed.






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