Monday morning:

Crisis after crisis.

Noon:  A reprieve, as we celebrated the twin baby boys, soon to be delivered, to the beautiful couple. A lovely luncheon, showering the twins with our gifts and best wishes.

Afternoon:  Gee, it is quiet in here.  I haven’t heard a phone ring since I arrived this morning.

Phone system took a dive.

All communication by email and chats.

Are phones really necessary?

Do we have to talk with one another, to really communicate?

And then, the dichotomy of the situation:  I love it.  No interruptions. No voice to voice communications.

And then again, I hate it.  I need to talk. To explain.  To reason.  To agree. To compromise.  To get things rolling.

Simple things may not require anything more than an acknowledgement and a brief summary or explanation.

However, it is never enough for the more complicated issues of the day.

I find my cell phone.

I need to talk.

My battery is dying.  I need to recharge.

Time to put my written communications to work.

I send another message:  Phone are still out.

Can this wait until we can talk?

We agree to wait, both frustrated, but somewhat understanding.

Late in the day, the phone system kicks in.

I notify my customer.

He is gone for the day.

I leave a message:

Phones are back. Yay!  Talk to you first thing in the morning!  You know when we put our minds together, we always come up with a solution.

Time to go home.

Feeling good, but wishing we had solved our problem today.

Texting? Tweeting?  Emailing?  Great stuff.

Give me the old stand by:  Talking to one another.

There is nothing that will ever take its place.

At least, not for me.






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