Did you have a good day?

Hold it.

Does anyone really care?

I have realized that most of us don’t give a rat’s ass how your day was.

We are all so ridiculously self centered, that we think that our challenges are the worst of the worst.

Well, my fellow idiots.

I had a bad day.

So what?’

It got so ridiculous at one point, that I told the Beaver and Oscar that I had opened a Chinese fortune cookie and it just happened to be an anciently wise warning:  “Shut the heck up, Pat.”

At 5pm, I watched, as the Beav sauntered to her car, and as Oscar sat at her desk, twerking and eating the last of my mint kit kats.

As I drove through the deer infested roads, I was seriously stressed. I mean it was raining and dark and all that stuff, so I stopped for a few night caps, only to encounter Scott and Brain, at the bar.

Brian still had his cold and sounded like Froggy.

Scott? Well, let’s just say: Ditch those shorts for a pair of pants.


Heading home.

Can’t see.

Can’t pee.

Oh oh.  I take that back.

I can pee.

And the chicken butt?

Oh yeah!

Wee wee wee!

All the way home!





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