Ok.  Wild day.

Not a minute to goof off.

And you know that I love to goof off.

The minutes in each hour were devoured by the tasks at hand.

There were obstacles to overcome.

A vacation on the horizon.

Will I be able to go home tonight, and feel that I have done everything possible?

And yes, at 501PM, this evening, I was feeling very happy that I could leave for a week, thanks to all my coworkers who do the amazing things.

So, now with 9 days ahead of me, free time, so to speak, I am winding down.

The work place drama will slowly evaporate from my mind, and I will turn my attention to my small circle of family: husband and cats.

I hear Half Pint, the moose of all cats, speaking in cat lingo:  Awwwwwwwwwwww Wow!!!  As I feed him.

Puff Daddy,on the other hand, sasses back at me, as her tail slowly whips up and down, and I know that I had better retreat, or she will smack the hell out of me.

And the hubby?  Poor Jimmy. He caught the plague or whatever I had, last week. And he is weak as a kitten.  Wait.  I have never known a kitten who was weak, at least in this household.

Well, at least my ladder was delivered today.  Yeah, I ordered a ladder.  I am too short to reach the curtain rods and all that jazz.  So I am in for some spring/fall cleaning.

How wonderful it is to have a vacation, but in actuality, every day is wonderful if you believe in the ancient saying:

“One should count each day a separate life.”,,,, Seneca.

I hope you enjoyed the life you lived today!






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