Home today on vacation.

All day long, the news was about violence, across the globe.

There are travel advisories for the holidays.

No specifics, of course, just warnings that terroristic activities could happen anywhere.

The world is a scary place, if you listen to the news reports.

Today, for example, a trooper was shot in Philadelphia, a Russian plane was shot down in Turkey, terrorists are hiding in Belgium, Minneapolis and Chicago are protesting against police activity,  troops are being deployed to hunt down IS. It goes on and on and on and on.

I must live in a sheltered world.

When I work, I don’t listen to the news.

I check out the weather forecasts, granted, to see what’s going on with the road conditions, and then I am in a different world for 8 hours a day.

I come home oblivious to the horrors happening in the world, and usually have a blast or two to take the edge off the day.

Sometimes I wonder if our world has too much information sharing.

I think I may have to turn off the TV for the rest of my vacation.





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