Returning to work tomorrow.

Mixed feelings.

Vacation was not exactly what I had expected.

Don’t think I could make it as a nurse.

But finally, after 10 days, I see improvement.

And that makes my vacation worthwhile.

So thankful I had the time off to be at home.

The cats will miss me tomorrow too.

Well, they will miss the constant feedings.

I can’t say that I miss having left over turkey..

I did roast a rather plump chicken, and threw out the butt.  ha!

It tastes wonderful on soft rolls with mayo and cranberry sauce.

Another month gone by.

Now the Christmas rush is on.

Santa will be firing up his sleigh.

If you have been nice, he will be stopping by.

He won’t be looking for the chicken butt.. He knows I am naughty, wild and uncontrollable.

It won’t really matter to me.

Nordstrom has a sale.

And free shipping.

My santa is the UPS man.

He isn’t dressed in red, he doesn’t land on the roof to slide down the chimney, and I don’t have to leave milk and cookies for him.

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about going back to work tomorrow.

But then again, I can’t wait to get back to normal:  Wild, naughty and uncontrollable.








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