Seize the moment!

New Year’s Eve.

Grocery store.


What happened to all the smiles and greetings from last week, when Christmas was near?

So many, in a hurry.

So much in every cart.

Can we get enough “stuff”  to make us happy?

The checkout clerks?  Just as stressed as the customers.

What the heck is going on?

Loaded up the car.

Stopped for a New Year’s eve cocktail.

And then, magic!

5 Spanish girls, singing and dancing to the music on the juke box.

What a joyous feeling.

They had worked half a day in the warehouse and stopped to have a drink and to enjoy the moment.

Being the natural pain in the ass, that I am, I had to approach them, to introduce myself, to buy them a drink and to let them know that their entertainment made my day.

I could not stop smiling as they danced and sang to the music.

I had finally found the spirit of the New Year, in an obscure bar in Pennsylvania.

Do I need to see the ball drop, at midnight, to celebrate 2016?


My 5 newly found friends said it all.

Happy new year everyone!

May you be as happy as my 5 new friends were today.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey






Ready for another ridiculous blog?



Yes, it is one heck of a foggy stretch of weather.

I really prefer it to the usual, harsh, freezing, winter weather, but it is getting on my nerves, just a tad.

Ok, more than a tad.

Where is the sun?

Where are the blue skies?

When will I see you again?

Ooops. That’s another issue.

When will I see the house across the street again?

Wait. There is no house across the street.

At least I can’t remember one,….. the last time I looked out and it was not foggy.

Coming home tonight, I followed the yellow brick road.  I mean, the yellow line, for the most part.

Then, as I drove up the back rural farmy roads to my house, there was no yellow line.

I have driven that road hundreds, if not thousands of time.

And yet, I had to ask my brain to get down, bang a gong, to remember the twists and turns of the road to the Wolf’s den.

It was challenging to this old dysfunctional chicken butt.

Remember, we chickens can’t even remember why we cross the road.

Thankfully, I ran into Chip Kelly’s replacement.

Or at least that is what he said he was.

I have a vague memory of Joe Cocker singing:

Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles cry
On a mountain high.

Let me tell you my friends, the Eagles are not crying tonight.

Ok, that is another story.

In the meantime, the new coach bought me a double before I took off in the fog.

Only because I was the only idiot on the road when I left.

Everyone else was home, in the fog.

I mean, in a fog.

And now all you angel eyes, excuse me while I disappear.







Foggy illusions

Living in a fog?

Want to?

Come to Pennsylvania.

December 2015

Leave for work at 7am:  dark, rainy and foggy.

Leave work at 5pm:  Dark, spritzing and foggy.

It really is quite amazing how the fog changes one’s perception.

I drove past the trees in the front of my house, and thought I saw a tree down.

No, can’t be.

It’s the fog, playing tricks on me.

Hmmm.  Sure looks like a giant tree in the middle of the road.

Oh well, at least it isn’t a deer.

Turn on the bright lights.

That made it worse.

Can’t see a thing with the brights, in a fog.

Something just doesn’t seem right.

Maybe I ought to stop…. right now.

I did.

I got out of the car.

What is this in the middle of the road?

Am I still on the road?

This #%##@$@$$$ fog.

How do the Brits put up with the shadowy haze that turns familiar objects into ghostly tree trunks?

Guess what?

It was a tree.

Ok. Put the buggy into 4 wheel drive and hop over it.

And call the tree patrol.

Is there such a thing?

No, but the township showed up and cleared the road.

I think it was the township.

But the fog made it impossible to tell for sure.

I think the tree is gone.

I guess I will know for sure when the weather turns colder and the fog slinks away.

If the tree is still standing tomorrow, and this is all a figment of the fog, I may quit drinking.

No, on second thought, I am getting quite fond of the fog.

It is a gentle reminder that our lives are but an illusion.

That what we perceive is what we believe.

Hey Pink Floyd: How very true:

All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.

A tree falls in the road.

Or does it?

And does it make a sound?

Only the fog knows for sure.

May I indulge in one more of my favorite quotes?

THE fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on.

Thanks Mr Sandburg.

I’ll drink to that.



Every time a bell rings, Chet roasts another one of his nuts

Ok.  I did not have the greatest Christmas.

Oh horror!


It happens.

Maybe I have this notion that the holidays should be filled with bells ringing and angels singing and sugar plum fairies dancing in the snow.

But I don’t.

If I was in Minnesota, I would probably be with some of my family, most likely at the casino.

We Buttafuccos have done the family scene years ago and now that we are grown up,,,,, well, Ok, so we are not exactly mature, we enjoy just hanging out together, with no stress, no fuss, no BS.  We just like having fun, acting like goofs.

There was no snow this Christmas, at least not in Pennsylvania.

But I can deal with it.

As a matter of fact, I rather enjoyed the record heat of near 70 degrees in December.

It is getting mighty chilly now, and rightfully so.  After all, it is winter time.

Yes, I have said, I enjoy the 4 seasons.  I just wish that  the 4th season was a little more restrained.

This year, Christmas was ho ho hum.

May I remind you?  I did not say : Ho Ho Ho.

I am not yet ready to take on Santa’s role, at least not until I move to Idaho.

You know the drill:

I da ho?

You da ho.

In a few days, it will be New Year’s Eve.

Ok. I am too old to go out.

Not really.

I refuse to go out on NY’s eve.

I go out every other night of the year.

After all, I am a professional.

Tonight, I am home, waiting for an ice storm, roasting a prime rib.


Who knows?

I think I need to pack a lunch tomorrow, in case of an icing event.

What’s better than a roast beef sandwich?

Rare, of course.

Oh, the last time I roasted anything, I forgot I was roasting.

I hope you all had a great Christmas.

I mean that.

And if you ask me how mine was, I will tell you it was good.

I lie.

I am roasting Chet’s nuts….. on an open fire.




A time for every purpose under heaven

2015 has 5 days left.

Did I keep my resolutions?

Will I look back and say it was a very good year?

I wonder if I made a difference in anyone’s life.

Did I make the most of each day?

Did the wineries celebrate when I showed up?

Did my relatives in Minnesota finally realize that I am a nut case?

Will I ever get a car that will not make a stop at the local pub on the way home from work?

Is 2016 the year that I will finally grow up?

Will I ever have enough hats?

Can I get through a day at work without acting like a goof?

Will I miss the bus?  Get kicked off the bus?  Or get run over by the bus this coming year?

It’s true, what they say:  For everything there is a season.

2015 had its seasons, that’s for sure, and they are behind us now.

Today is all we really have.

And it is Saturday, the 3rd day of a long weekend.

I think I will do my best to make it a day to remember.





I rarely shed tears when someone moves on  and leaves the work place.

I know I will see and hear from those who have moved to a new position, in the same company.

For those who left to better their financial status, I can only wish them the best of luck.

Sure I miss all of them.

We do what we have to do, to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.

And then on a December day in 2015, from out of nowhere, a sweet, friendly, generous, humorous and totally goofy coworker, resigns.


I don’t want to deal with that.

I didn’t watch her as she left the building tonight.

I didn’t hug her, to wish her well.

I am in denial.

I want her to be there next week, so I can whisper in her ear: “Hey Baby Chicken Butt, can you please take me out back and shoot me?”:

She always made me smile.

She made all of us feel special.

For her young age, she could relate to all of us, even the old folks.

No. I don’t want to look at her empty desk next week.

I don’t want to feel the loss of a truly positive spirit in my work life.

How selfish is that?

Why can’t I just wish her well, and to encourage her to be herself in whatever she chooses to do?

We all know she will be a success, whatever her choice.

Ok.  So it’s all about me…. again.

Oh Wolf, when will you ever learn?

Life happens day to day.

Memories are only shadows of what you experienced.

Did you ever tell Karissa how you felt about her?

Or did you miss that opportunity in the many days, and months and years, you worked together?

If you are reading this, Karissa, I love you, miss you and wish you the best.

Hey, don’t mind the tears.

They are tears of joy …. for you and your future!





The illusive Claus

December 22, 2015:



No winter wonderland.

Santa will be wearing shorts this Christmas.

I remember when I moved to Pennsylvania on December 1, 1990.

It was mild, foggy, rainy .

Now, 25 years later, a record high of 70 degrees forecast for the holiday.

Last year, I was stuck in my driveway, perched on a snow bank.

And the winter was brutally cold.

Looking back, have I changed, from that December in 1990?

Certainly, I am older, but probably not any wiser.

I have fewer family members now, with the loss of my Mother, 2 brothers and a sister.

I still love working, as it keeps me active and involved in life.

I pretty much do what I want to do, after working hours.

I take time each day to give myself a few hours of “space” and enjoy my own company.

Admittedly, I am a silly, playful old geezer, who loves almost everyone.

I have many acquaintances, but few close friends.

And those few friends are very special to me.

Material things mean very little.

But I do like having enough money to stop and have a few glasses of wine at the local pub.

I have found that humor and laughter is the key to enjoying life.

I have a confession to make, although I am reluctant to say it.

Yes, I do wish for a sprinkling of snow for Christmas Eve.

Just enough to cover the trees, grass and the roof tops, as Santa makes his way once again across Pennsylvania.  This year, with a full moon lighting his way.

Santa:  He never changes.

He looked the same in 1990 as he does now.

I ran into him the other day, as I was feeling slightly depressed.

As I walked through the park, a child was crying.

Suddenly a puppy appeared and ran up to the child, wagging his tail and licking the child’s face.

The child squealed with delight.

Santa winked at me.

I asked, “Are you real?”

Santa smiled at me, and said, “Only if you believe.”






Feed the children

5 kids.


Nothing to eat.

Father in the hospital, clinging to life.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly.

Can someone please intervene?

Silent night.

Holy night.

An angelic Grandmother shows up, and does what she can.

She cries for the children, as they go to bed, hungry and sad.

She has few resources.

If only she could do more.

Her friends wish her well.

And the children continue to go to bed, with no food.

Grandma has so many close friends.

Where are they now?

They offer their prayers for her son.

And they go about their lives, as they should, looking forward to another Christmas.

Santa Claus is coming to town.

While 5 children go to bed on Christmas night, hungry.

So it goes.

There are those who have and those who do not.

Imagine:  If only someone truly cared.



A Christmas Carol

Some crazy stuff happened today, but I just can’t bring myself to blog about it.

My mind lingers on the mystery of life:

A nephew, in his forties, paralyzed after a devastating stroke.

A husband, the craziest, wildest goof ever, wastes away as I watch in dismay.

A brother, my only brother left in this life, disappears, and no longer communicates with me.

Christmas is only a few days away as I try to deny its existence.

I don’t have a tree.

I don’t want one.

I just want a quiet holiday.

This year, I will get up early, on Christmas and find the sanctuary of a church.

I won’t know anyone there.

I don’t need to.

I just want to believe again, at least for one day.

That this life is worth living.

And I will cry, as I always do on Christmas day, for those who are suffering.

Bless the beasts and the children.

I resolve on this December day, to do whatever I can, for as long as I can, to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, every day of my life.

In my own way, to bring joy and happiness wherever I go.

And that, my friends, is what I believe is the spirit of Christmas, every day of the year.




Minnesota in May.

Opened up my mail this afternoon.

A card from my niece, Traci, in Minnesota.

And…. photos.


From May, 2015, in Duluth.

Yeah, MCat and I traveled up there on a wing and a prayer, to honor my dearly beloved sis, Margie, who passed away last fall.

I had not seen the photos until now.

And I truly believe I am either a lunatic or severely crazed.

How many people show up at a burial, and act like a complete idiot?

No offense, Margie, but I did have a great time.

And I am sorry for wearing that chicken butt hat.


No, I am not sorry.

I love that hat.

And I think you would have wanted me to wear it.

And thanks for the dinner.

You see, Margie arranged for the dinner, before she died.

She wanted all of us to toast to her life.

And believe me, I did.

I will always cherish those few days up in the Northland, close to Lake Superior.

I needed to go home, after all these years.

Thanks, Traci, for sending the photos.

What a hoot!


Oh, by the way, Margie:

Don’t expect me any time soon.

I have miles to go before I sleep.

But I toast to you every night.

And I think about those the days in May, when we said goodbye.