What is it that would make someone read a ridiculous rant?

I have absolutely no idea.

So……let’s rant!

Here it is: the Monday after the Tday weekend.

We are back to work.

We are full of turkey:  smoked, roasted and/or boiled.

Now who the heck boils a turkey?

And how many turkeys do you know that smoke?

Let’s face it: Do you really know any turkeys?

If you did,  would you eat your buddy?

I hear that several turkeys converged on Denver this weekend, looking for Peyton.



Let’s skip to Kobe.

Bye bye.

And to the Vikes: Peterson:  Way to go!  You beat OJ’s record… in football.

E introduced our newest CSR.

Such a lovely girl.

Such a lovely face.

Such a lovely place.

However, we have not had that spirit here since 1999.

Another amazing performance, by the C. Buttafucco, rising to the occasion.

Which just happened to be another ordinary Monday.

But then, nothing is ordinary.

Not if you are living each day… in every moment.

Yesterday is gone.

Tomorrow?  It may elude you.

But for today, for now?

Hey turkeys!

Gobble your asses off.







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