30 days has September, April, June and November.

30 seconds after you meet someone can be the start of something good.

30 years later, you are still together.

Looking back, there were the good times and the bad times,

For richer for poorer, in sickness and health,

But mostly just the days of your life together.

From the start, there were those who said it would never last.

We were too different, or were we too much alike?

He saw life in black and white, while I wore rose colored glasses.

We shared common bonds:  music, humor and wild, independent streaks.

We had our share of troubles:  addictions, emotional issues, depression and rehabs.

There were times we separated, but that didn’t last long.

Life just wasn’t the same without one another.

We had  a family, of sorts:  Animals:  Cats, dogs,birds, and a horse.

Our horizons expanded as we moved cross country to share our experiences in the Midwest and the Mid Atlantic.

He grew to love the Midwest, my roots, while I fell in love with the Northeast, his roots.

There is a bottle of champagne in the refrig tonight.

I hope one of us can figure out how to pop it open tomorrow.

Happy anniversary, Jimmy!

You are one hell of a hoot.

30 years and you still make me laugh.

So very happy, we met in that pub, and after 30 seconds,  fell in love.





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