It was early.

Clearly, it was before the sun came up.

I couldn’t sleep.

The TV was on low.

Oh great! Nancy Grace.

Goodnight friend.

Yeah, ok.  So it is 6am.

What if I don’t want to get up?

I arose from a less than satisfying sleep, to slip into my hello kitty robe and leopard slippers.

My mission:  to turn on the coffee pot without arousing the cats.

Well, my cats are much smarter than I.

Staring, glaring, stalking…… at 6am.

Ok. so feed them.

They don’t like that particular brand of food.

Hey, Pinty and Puff, knock it off.

I need my coffee.

Come on.

Can I have a cup of java without feeling guilty?

Not happening.

Stalking, staring and glaring.

Ok, so how’s this? Your fav:  Liver and Chicken.

They chow down, but keep staring at me.

What? What? What now? What do you want?

Of course, they don’t answer.

I change their water, fill up their bowls of dry food, and get ready to go to work.

They continue to stalk me.

Oh my God! That incessant staring!

How can I possibly work today knowing that these cats are trying to send me a message… cat language, of course.

I give them one last chance:

Hey you two goofs.  I have to go to work.  What the hell do you want?

They act like they don’t hear me.

They stretch out.

They yawn, arch their backs and lick their chops.

“Hey, guys, I have to go to work. Is there anything you need?”

The two of them wink at one another, and fall asleep.

And so it goes.

People who have cats really do not realize that  people don’t own cats.

Cats own us.

8 hours later, I am home.

The cats are stalking me.

I am tired.

They are rested.

So in the scheme of things, who is the more superior being?







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